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Marxism is a scientific theory, of the proletariat striving for its own liberation and the liberation of mankind as a whole. It is a theory about the nature, purpose and conditions of the proletarian struggle, this helps the people in the working class to earn more freedom and is the world view of the working-class people to help them to understand and transform the world.×600.jpg

This theory is organist by Karl Heinrich Marx and Friedrich Engels, the theory is coming up in the 1840s in western Europe the capitalism had to develop, Uk, France and Germany is the original place to organise the theory by Marx. Because by that time these three countries already been into an industrial revolution time. Therefore proletariat mostly turns into free class then self-class, in UK, France and Germany it marks the proletariat as an independent political force.

The new achievements of science and technology in the 19th century, especially the establishment of cell theory, the discovery of energy conservation and transformation laws, and the new development of evolution have laid a solid foundation for natural science. Marx and Engels fulfilled this historic mission.

Bourgeoisie& Proletariat

The definition of bourgeoisie is a classification of the society for the rich people according to some school of the economic through, especially Marxism also by the ruling class of capitalist society.

The definition of Proletariat is the people in the capitalism society time had no production resource, so they need to use the labor force to earn money. Proletariat had including the working class and peasant class.

Passive Audience

Audience are being force to listen to the news or the media they don’t have a choice to choose what they want to listen or watch. They have a very limited amount of resource can get the information from through the media, most the social network or the news organisation been control by the government or the capitalism.

Status quo:


This advert is the Dove shower gel advert, it show in the advert it can change your skin colour and skin tone from black to white. This is a racist to black people, is kind of saying that black people is not clean and like muddy. But after use the Dove shower gel it will be white be clean and pure no matter how dirty you was. This is a hegemony to black people by white people.×1024.jpg


This is a drink advertising on milk tea is a famous brand in China. This advert had a slogan is about ‘ with you the milk tea taste more good’ and with two people hug together with holding the milk tea.


In Korean be a actor or a super star is a very difficult thing, this have cause a lot of peoples death, in 2019 it have at lease 3artist death most of their death is cause by depression and they choose to suicide. The depression is by the cyber bully and the unwritten rule, high pressure and inside story.

In Korean got a company call SM it have train a lot of pop star, but when they are in the trainee time they have no respect from the elder the trainee may always punch or bully by the elder so is very important for them to be famous. In Korean the order of superiority and inferiority is very important to them and the elder ask you to do something you must do it but the story behind this is much more series.

Have a is from Taiwan she had gone to Korean to train her dream is to be a pop star but the true of this training time is she had been through inhuman treatment, arrest also ask to accompany sleeping. Then after she had gone back to Taiwan she had public a book call Korean star dream- escape from the suicide’s Taiwan trainee.


This television program is about solving the problem between parent and child with the university professor and the child educator front of 100 audience. Each set had different parent coming from different area of child and the age of the child is between 7 to 12 in the primary school. And the professor will give solution and suggestion to the parent and the child how to solve the problem. Mostly the problem is communication, parent don’t really know how the communicate with the child so always misunderstand their child.

Also in China a lot of the parent will think they are the one is always right, so they don’t really care about the child idea, so the child will feel they don’t have enough respect from the parent. So they would use other way to attract parents attention, and the parent will think the child is treason and being naughty. This is a family problem, solving this problem in front of 100 audience also in the reality show it might hurt a child’s feeling also hurt a mother or father’s self-esteem. It will leads to shows this family worse side to all the people and all the relative will knows about what happen in this family. The parent wight start self-doubt, also the professor is not always right might had a wrong suggest so it will leads to the next stage of the family problem.


This is an advert of Valentino, is a spring session. The denotation in this advert is 3 girls is laying on the beach and enjoying the sun, and the dress they are wearing is the colour in summer like pink, shallow blue.

The connotation is the girls was like like a mermaid coming from the see, white skin with long hair. Is showing the sun from the natural environment how great is it.


Definition of liberal pluralism

Liberal pluralism is the dominant perspective linked to capitalism, the citizen they had the power to vote for their country to decide for their country. Individual choice and freedom are seen as a crucial human right.

Liberal different from Marxists

Liberal pluralist view of the media is the audience had more freedom on the media, also a society group from the view point of the pluralism with complex of competing group. The media is not predominant by anyone, the media organizations are seen as organizational systems, enjoying an important degree of autonomy from the state, political parties and institutionalized pressure groups. The relationship between the media and the audience is basically equal and voluntarily, so the audience can capable of manipulating the media in an infinite.

Marxists view capitalist society as being one of class domination. The media is basically control by the government or ‘monopoly capital’ they are the one dominated the media and filtering the information positing on the media showing to the audience. Media professionals, whilst appearing to be self-governing, are socialized into and internalize the beliefs, standards and models (norms) of the dominant culture.

Different between democratic state and authoritarian regimes.

Democratic state: Unite Kingdom

Authoritarian regimes: China 

Explain Uses and Gratification theory (UGT) is through the analyzing the audience motivation to use the media and the satisfaction of their needs and this tests their psychological behavioral rather than what the media do to people.

Uses and Gratification theory

Information and Education: National Geographic

Learning the information of the animal.

Entertainment: Bilibili

Have a lot of different type video

Personal Identify: Nana Ouyang

she is a singer and she had her own vlog recording her daily in the school.

Integration and social interaction: WeChat

Is use to communication with friend and they can share they are daily.

Escapism: Minecraft

Is a game building up your own world.

Social media seen as an example of liberal pluralism

Instagram is a social media of liberal pluralism, people can share daily on it, they had a freedom to speak on the instagram. With out much control from the government and the company.

Citizen Journalism as know as public journalism, participatory journalism, democratic journalism, guerrilla journalism or street journalism. it provide chance for the citizen to join into the news, they can share the news. Introduce modern digital and network technologies to actively participate in communication activities, this idea is came from American.

Five Filter will change the main idea of liberal pluralism, had more attraction on peoples freedom on the social media and the news. The news came out from the five filter, the natural resource would be much more less and the important part of the news would deleted by the government or the business. People may had less chance to know the true story.


The beast in Harry Potter mostly is came from the old story is from the myth.

Phoenixp: In China, the phoenix is the king of hundreds of birds, with a chicken head, a snake neck and a fish tail. In foreign countries, the size of the phoenix is similar to that of a swan, and the whole body is bright red. But no matter where it is, Phoenix is a top-level configuration.

Basilisk: is came from the myth in Greece create by the black wizard, he put an egg laid by an old rooster in Sirius’s main house, placed it under the toad, and hatched a Basilisk.

Niffler: Is origanal is Australian Echidna.

Chimaera: It is a mixed magical creature, native to Greece. It has a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a fire dragon’s tail. It is very bloodthirsty and violent.


THE VILLAIN: Thanos; this character is from the Marvel, he is against to all the hero in the movie. He is ugly and enormous compare to other hero in the movie.

THE DISPATCHER: Iron man; when he in the movie Avengers: Endgame he save Spider-Man he sends him away from all the danger.

THE HELPER: Nicholas Joseph Fury; he does a big help in the Marvel and helps the hero a lot when they need help. He is smart and he is making a communication between the American Government and Avengers.

THE DONOR: Shuri; is the character in the Black Panther she is the T’Challa’s sister also is the Princess of Wakanda. She is a technical genius she design a lot technical things to help her bother.

THE PRINCESS: Snow white; she is pretty and good natured but she haven’t marry is because her step mother but the Prince save her after she eat the apple from her step mother. Till the end they get marry and had a happy ending.

THE ORACLE: Ancient One; he is the know when he gone to die and he can see what is gone to happen.

THE HERO: Spider-Man; he is brave, strong and young also in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming he save all the people is important to him.



This film is a social reality film, presenting about what is going on in this society.

Is basically about the girl Sara, she is working in the magazine studio she had used four month’s time to finish a report about Official business scandal but because of the profit for the studio, her boss removes her report from the list while she is going to post it.

Therefore she has been to Thailand while she is upset about all the things had been happening. At night she went to the club she meets a girl called Dok-My she is a prostitute so when Sara saw Dok-My it remains herself when she is young. Sara wants to save her and protect her.

When Sara was a child she was sexually assaulted by her stepfather and ran away from home, making her meet Uncle Gan Haoxian, who is thirty years older than her. Starting an eight-year immoral deal, she is willing to be fostered in exchange for a degree and a place of refuge. The relationship between them is inextricably linked, and the relationship is as confusing as father and daughter.

The dictator and the creator of this film is respecting female’s attitude, when people growing up they need to learn how to overcoming trauma, gratitude, and letting go of yourself.

Regardless of how women justify and hurt, a contradiction exists very plainly: the status of women is squeezed by men, but the status of women must be guaranteed, and ultimately they must rely on men. This is well verified in the film “Young Prostitute”, Sara is a case. What may be described in “Young Prostitutes” does not involve women’s status so far, it is more of a psychological journey of female growth. But Sara’s psychological journey is the journey of the entire female group. As a film viewer, we must have the correct values and moral values to see what is right. Sara is a classic group portrait, which reflects social problems. Facing the status of women, women need to pay attention, and men need to reflect on it.


British Hong Kong

Generally refers to the colonial period of Hong Kong before the return of Hong Kong from January 26, 1841 to June 30, 1997, also known as the British rule of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong-English period refers to the period when Hong Kong became a British colony from 1841 to 1997, 1941 From the end of the year to 1945, it lasted for 156 years.

During the colonial period, the British Hong Kong government was called the Hong Kong Government. Because it was the same as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government after the return of Hong Kong, Hong Kong was ruled by the Japanese army, and the British rule was interrupted by the Japanese rule.
On July 1, 1997, Britain will become the sovereignty of Hong Kong to return the government as scheduled, symbolizing the end of the British Empire.

District belong to South China; Jurisdiction to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories

Japanese occupation period: 1941-1945; Existing time 1841-1941, 1946-1997

Colonial rule: Governor’s palace of Hong Kong


In 1839, the First Opium War resulted from the trade friction between China and Britain.

In 1841, the Qing Dynasty was defeated by the British. Charles Neil of the British Navy negotiated with the Minister of the Qing Dynasty, Qi Shan, and signed the Convention of Chuanbito or Convention of Chuenpeh, cede Hong Kong Island to Britain.

Convention of Chuenpeh or Convention of Chuanbito

The representatives of the Chinese and British parties proposed the draft agreement, the main content of which is: Hong Kong Island and its ports were ceded to the United Kingdom, but China must set up customs duties in Hong Kong;

Compensate the British government for 6 million silver dollars and pay it in five years;

Chinese and British officials equality

Guangzhou was restored to market at the beginning of the first month of the 21st year of Yu Daoguang (1841);

The British troops withdrew from Shajiao and Bighorn Forts and returned to Dinghai.

Afterwards, the Chinese and British governments did not recognize the draft treaty.

The first Opium War expanded, and the British army captured Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, and Zhenjiang, and arrived in Shimonoseki, Nanjing;

The Qing government was forced to sign the “Treaty of Nanking” in August 1842, formally ceding Hong Kong Island to Britain;

China and Britain signed the “The Treaty of Beijing ” in 1860, the Qing government ceded the southern end of the Kowloon Peninsula to the British side;

The Qing government forced to signed The Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory. The north of the Kowloon Peninsula, the south of the Shenzhen River, and more than two hundred islands adjacent to it were zoned “New Territories” and leased to the United Kingdom for 99 years;

Is because to balance the France’s influence in South China, British government cited the need for Hong Kong’s defence to be strengthened.

Lease in New Territories

This happened in 1897, during the Qing Dynasty, German missionaries were killed in Shandong. In order to protect overseas Chinese, Germany entered Qingdao in Shandong, and Russia also entered Lushun and Dalian. Britain occupied Weihai in Shandong to balance its forces. At the same time, France also took the opportunity to enter the Guangzhou Bay (now Zhanjiang) in Guangdong. In order to balance France’s influence in South China, the British government actively strengthened Hong Kong’s defence capabilities and then actively signed the Beijing Second Convention with the Qing government. From July 1, 1898, the Boundary Street of the Kowloon Peninsula was leased to more than 200 outlying islands south and north of the Shenzhen River and nearby, for 99 years.

The entire territory of Hong Kong has been a British colony since 1898, and has remained unchanged in Hong Kong until 1997;

Hong Kong’s return to China in 1997.


Herbert Schiller

He establish the book call Mass Communications and American Empire in 1969.

The first person came out with the idea of cultural imperialism.

Aiming at Economics and politics

Economically to capture the market for its cultural goods

Politically to establish hegemony by transforming public awareness

The export of entertainment products is one of the most important sources of capital accumulation, and it is also a means to replace manufacturing exports in order to profit worldwide.

Politically, cultural imperialism is about separating people from their cultural roots and traditions of solidarity and replacing them with what the news created. As the demand for propaganda offensives changed, people were driven out of class, society was divided and barriers were created between people.

The main goal of cultural imperialism is the political and economic exploitation of youth, and the youth is the main market of American culture exports. Because they are easy to accept the idea from American. On the other hand, is because the youth would not be a threat to them on the political that is, an individual’s rebellion may turn into a political revolution that resists control of economic and cultural forms.


In 2001 China had joined the World Trade Organization(WTO) so the Chinese market open to the world. But this means the Chinese film and television industry is facing a big challenge. China and American had signed an agreement, in the agreement the film industry had been effect most. American monopolize the market with high-tech methods.–fzrwica0710540.jpg


Pitied: When audience feels pity to the certain group or ethic group.

When adverts or documentaries are displayed for African children and families dying in poverty the impression this gives off to the audience creates a feeling of pity. It makes the audience feel as if they should help them and creates an atmosphere of pity.

Homeless people are the audience will pity on especially the elderly on the street. Or the people with a pet are sleeping on the street, but some of them are really young they had the ability to find a job and had a good income each month but they rather to sleep on the street to ask help from other they don’t want to find a job.

Exotic: Certain ethnic groups can be represented as being exotic

Latino Americans are shown to be sex symbols and rather exotic through racy costume and controversial behaviour. E. g.Nicki Minaj, Michelle Rodriguez…

Dangerous: This is when a group is portrayed to be dangerous and violent rap has made the stereo type on black males worse and has made as stereotype that they are very violent.

Ethnic groups can be displayed as dangerous through their behaviour, For example, Yusef Khan is shown to be violent and extremely dangerous. This makes the audience relate his behaviour to the ethnic group.

Humorous: This is a stereotypical view of people who are apart of an ethnic group that has been portrayed through the media for example in films. 

In the Simpsons, the character Groundskeeper Willie is conveyed as heavily Irish through his thick accent and bright red hair. He has many humorous lines and accidents that convey him and his ethnicity as people who are humorous and should be stereotyped this way.


The idea is from Laura Mulvey is in her 1975 essay Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. The key idea is the feminism is the concept of the male gaze.

The definition of Male gaze is The “gaze” is a term that describes how viewers engage with visual media. Originating in film theory and criticism in the 1970s, the gaze refers to how we look at visual representations. These include advertisements, television programs and cinema.

The “male gaze” invokes the sexual politics of the gaze and suggests a sexualises way of looking that empowers men and objectifies women.

This is a clip from the movie from the Transformers, the movie establish in 2007

The camera is follow her body moving from the top tp the bottom it shows the male gaze out from the camera. And the camera is only showing out apart of her body is mainly focus on the part of her body so it stands out.

This is a perfume advert, the women is naked lie on the bed her arm is cover her breast and the perfume is occlude her bottom. So they want to use the naked body to attract peoples attension.


How do we overcome the media’s negative messaging?

Ignore the negative message, also filter media negative messaging.

Describe what ‘objectification’ means, and then describe what that means in advertising.

Objectification means treat people as objects without rights and feelings, in the advertising they always use female’s body as object that use to attract people’s attention.

What new things did you learn from what you watched? what stood out to you?

In this film I learn that female need to know how to defence their self interest and protect self safty. In this film the gender equality gap are stood out how unfair between female and male, in a different stage that male are always taking control and use the power they got to threaten the girls just step into the socialaty.

Describe some gender stereotypes. What are the positive and negative effects of these stereotypes? How do these stereotypes pf femininity and masculinity limit girls and boys?

Stereotypes is what people always think that it is, people always think girls are soft and submissive. In ancient China, there were women who lived in their families, married their husbands, died their brothers, and died their sons. They had no idea. Although the feudal society had passed for many years, such decadent ideas were hard to avoid being deeply rooted, and modern teenage girls were still influenced by these ideas.

Stereotypes for males are always rational, confident and strong. Male are the one always done all the heavy work and people think they don’t know how to take care themselves.

Who benefits/profits from the way women are represented in the media? Who loses?

Female would be benefits from it but from another side male are also benefit from it. When women are represented in the media they would had more power by the time they had more rights. But also people would want female be a reporter is use to attract peoples attention to the news rather in the entertainment but in this way women are seem objectification.

Do you think the government should create more rules for media companies? Why or why not?

I think government should create more rules and set more boundaries for media companies to protect women rights and self interest. Use punishment to notice the media companies what they shouldn’t do.


Judith Butler’s Gender Problem

What is the understaning of gender?

From the biological side is not always identify as female and male. Sex is based on a combination of biological and physiological. In different culture had a different meaning to identify sex.

Gender Trouble

In this society there is an unequal balance between female and male, this problem is continual for few center.

The gender troble it can refer to the social relasionship and behavior. In the soceity it always had a gender problem in the media.


This is an image from vogue 2018

The main cass is Jillian Mercado, she is a modle lives in New York. In this society there is full of unfearness to the disability people.

For the disable people living in New York it is a hug challenge for them, it is hard to find a job even hard to communicated.

On the wheel chair she is wearing high heels on the wheel chair, is means even she is seating on the wheel chair she can pretty as others.


The meaning of Colonialism

The control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory or people.

The meaning of postcolonialism in media

Address to the problem of decolonisation, in the media production need to disvocer the different between coloniser and colonised.

Who is colonialism?

The colonising power is Euorpean and the most powerful country is England.

Country had been colonialism


What is postmordernism?

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